App content

In Fresh Island app users will have information about: Festival, Line-up & Timetable, Tickets, Accomodation, How to get there, Destination, Photos & Video, Social, etc. All content is stored in the app(excluding Twitter feed) so you don't have to be online to use it.


Offline BackWay directions

When you choose specific artist from the Line-up you will be able to get offline BackWay directions and distance to location where chosen artist will perform.


Custom BackWay apps

If you like this app feel free to contact us if you need something similar to this app. BackWay funcionalities are great for events, conferences, festivals, tourist destinations, etc. All content is stored in the app so it works offline. More info

  • “This app really helped me during Fresh Island Festival”
  • “It is really great that it works offline”
  • “Offline BackWay directions are working great”