About custom BackWay apps

If you are organizing an event, festival, conference, if you are a beautiful tourist destination and you want your visitors have the best time and navigate around easily then custom BackWay apps are perfect for you! In BackWay apps your visitors/users will get all the important information about you, your event, and they will also get list of important locations with ability to get simple offline directions to that locations.

Also, if you have some other wishes, we can also add it to the app. We think that mobile apps should be simple, beautiful and easy to use, your grandparents should be able to use them and get benefits from them.


Custom BackWay apps are also great for banks. We can make an app with all of banks ATM and branch locations so you can find the nearest ATM and get your cash as fast as you can.


After we made Original BackWay app a lot of people told us that it would be great to use that simple directions for preloaded apps for events, tourist destination, banks, etc. So we decided work on that. If you are coming from USA to Croatia on a conference that last few days it would be great if you had list of important locations that you might need during a conference. And it should be really easy to get to them. BackWay custom apps are perfect for that, simple, elegant, and they work offline.

Apps already made: