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BackWay 2.0

Hi! BackWay 2.0 is now available on the app store! You can now search Foursquare locations and if you find the ones that you need, you can save/import them to BackWay app. This feature might be useful for you when

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Bank Apps by BackWay

Hi! Today we released 3 more custom BackWay apps: ERSTE4U PBZ4U RBA4U Now with ZABA4U we have 4 bank apps that allow you to find the nearest ATM or branch of that bank and get offline directions and distance. Enjoy!

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Do you like fishing? Use BackWay and save your favorite fishing spots!

Hi people! We all love BackWay, and one of the best things about BackWay is that it can be used in all kinds of situation. Our colleague in Zagreb Entrepreneurship Incubator, Ivan Čuljak, told us one interesting use case for BackWay. If

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Share interesting locations with your friends

Hi people! 🙂 You all know that BackWay is really simple and easy to use application, so why don’t we all make it even better? Since version 1.2 you can easily share your locations. So we are asking you to

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For photographers and videographers

BackWay is really great for photographers and videographers! You can use the app for saving your favourite shooting locations, or just save some interesting spot that you see. You never know when you will think: “Hm, where is that nice river

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SXSW locations by BackWay

Hi People! We made a little website with some important SXSW locations. Check them all, search them if you want, and import them to BackWay so you can find your way around even offline! Enjoy!

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BackWay Badge

Hi people! BackWay badge is here for you!

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BackWay feat. Kiip.me rewards!

OMG! Kiip.me is soooo awesome! 🙂 BackWay now has Kiip.me rewards integrated. Use BackWay and you will get real life rewards. It is really simple, just use it every day for saving locations, sharing them to your friends, etc. and

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Share your locations!

Starting with BackWay 1.2 you can share your locations with your friends and they can import them. There are two ways: with image(online) – you upload information about location + image and you get your URL. without image(offline) – you

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BackWay 1.2 is available!

Hi people! New BackWay version is available for download! New version has a lot of new and awesome features like: easy location sharing – you can share your location with your friends via social networks, email, messages, etc. and they

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