Find your way back!

BackWay is an iOS app that helps you navigate around and save your favourite places. It is easy to save a location, just snap a photo, add some description and voila!

If you want to go back to a location, BackWay will show you direction and distance in a simple UI, and it works 100% offline!

Search and import Foursquare locations!

You can also use BackWay as your travel log app!

App is localized for English, Croatian, French and Spanish.

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  • “ Hey @backwayapp you saved my day and my roaming bill a couple of days ago with offline tagging + gps nav :) ”
  • “ Great app and also very usefull tnq :) ”
  • “ I like that it works offline and has been helping me finding skate spots I have been to before! :D by the way, Ty and Gray's daily vlogs brought me here ”
  • “ It’s official – I love this app, I couldn’t be without it now. ”

Custom BackWay

BackWay apps are perfect for banks, festivals, conferences, tourist destinations, etc.

Fresh Island Festival

Custom BackWay app for Fresh Island Festival.


Users have info about agenda, speakers, locations, mini seedcamp event, etc.

WebFest Budva

There was startup competition called "WebUp" at WebFest in Budva and BackWay was one of the finalists.

Startup Camp Vis

In Summer of 2012 we were participating in Startup Camp Vis in Croatia and we won 2nd prize! review Use photos of your favourite locations to find a way back to them!